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For those of you that have never heard of Project Gutenberg and Librivox, you’re in for a treat! As you can probably imagine, I love stories set in the olden times, and these two websites are great sources for them.

Project Gutenberg is dedicated to getting books that have fallen out of copywright onto the web for free, and Librivox is dedicated to providing these books in audio format. Going on either site always amazes me because they both have an outstanding selection which must have taken thousands of volunteer hours.

Today, to distract me while I cook, I just finished listening to the book “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm” by Kate Douglas Wiggin. Somehow, I never read this story as a child. I’m not sure how this happened considering both the name we have in common, and the fact that it is of a genre that I have always adored.

But now, I have made up for lost time, and am happy that I did. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm was sweet and wonderful to listen to while working on party and Thanksgiving food. I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves stories about spunky girls growing up and coming of age in times past.


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