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Once upon a time…

There was a little girl.  This little girl loved to hear stories of the “olden times”.  She read and re-read Little House on the Prairie, and came of age with Anne of Green Gables.  During the summer, she would visit her grandparents.

Her grandma would sew her matching skirts and petticoats for her and her dolls.  Her grandfather would take her on long walks on the Prairie Path, telling her about the pioneers that traveled through to the west, about stars and how they got their names, and about the railroads.

They would take her to the old-fashioned mill nearby where people dressed in period clothing and where there was a general store that you could buy things that had gone out of style over a century before.  And they took her to battle reenactments where there seemed to be tons of people, all of whom looked like they just stepped out of a storybook. (It is possible she was too young to really understand what they were reenacting)

This little girl grew up to love sewing, cooking, and quilting.  She has always lived in the burbs or in cities.  She still loves historical fiction, and marvels at women’s ingenuity and art.  So she has decided to experiment with learning to be more self-sufficient and in touch with they way things were lovingly produced by women for thousands of years.


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